draw.SimpleText() going to new line?

So i wondered if theres a way to draw a text that has new lines? like

Lol /n Hello /n Fun shit

Fun shit

I though about this like this

local stringWSpaces = [[Lol
Fun shit

Not without calling draw.SimpleText() for each line.

Well Falco did this is darkrp though?

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Or made a work around?

He is not using one draw.SimpleText call or he’s not using draw.SimpleText, or he made his own draw.SimpleText ( by either overriding the function or making a similar one )

Yea, okay. That sucks.

Use draw.DrawText for multiple lines?

You can also use markup.Parse to add work-wrapping and other features although the math for it isn’t overly difficult to handle it automatically because surface.GetTextSize returns width and height of the text you insert as first argument… One note though, use surface.SetFont PRIOR to calling GetTextSize otherwise the size will use whatever font-size in memory was last used.