Draw.WordBox Size of font?

I was trying to make a WordBox i put into my gamemode more “Eye catchy” and raise the font a little. IT doesn’t seem to look right being a set size compaired to looking at other parts of the HUD.

I was reading a few things on the wiki about it. I changed the colour of the font, don’t fully understand on the font it should use/how i would add my own to a gamemode (Q. 2). I there a way to make the font bigger text? If so, how?

Is there an example for this I could look at? Non in the wiki.

It’s the:

[lua] surface.CreateFont( “akbar”, 48, 500, true, true, “MyFont” ) [/lua]

Where “48” is the font size.

Ah, that seems easy now. Thanks alot.

New question:

I brought out the arial font from windows and placed it into my gamemodes “content\resource\fonts”. Now how do i make the client download that font?
resource.AddFile(“resource/fonts/arial”) Doesn’t work. I know why aswell, because it doesn’t have the extension of the file. Would i use that (if so what extension should i use (TrueType) for it) or is there a completely different method i have to do?

I don’t think you add the resource folder to it because it mounts it as a virtual file system. You’ll need the extension too.

Everyone has Airal, there’s no reason to be sending it.

When i test it:

surface.CreateFont( “arial”, 22, 500, true, true, “MyFont2” )

no difference. Even after changing the “Myfont2” to “Myfont42” (and on the HUD)

resource.AddFile(“resource/fonts/arial”) … you have to write the extension if i am not mistaking!

Yes you should use gm_cleafonts and then reload your map! Beware removing the fonts will Spam you with errors(atleast temporary)

Stop bumping thread, and that is wrong you don’t need to precache file fonts, unless you make them.

year and a half old thread, nice one idiot.