Drawing a thick line

Hi, I’m quite new to LUA gui and am wondering how to make a line thicker than default.

surface.DrawLine(10,h/2,1+surface.GetTextSize(v:Nick()) + 20,h/2)

That code draws a red line on the player’s name in my custom scoreboard. I’m wondering how would I make that line thicker so it is more visible?
Sorry for the dumb question.

seeing as it’s a straight line, you could probably just use surface.DrawRect

[del]If it wasn’t a straight line you could potentially loop and draw multiple lines on top of each other.[/del]

use bobbleheadbob’s method

That’s good for almost any line.

Draw many lines. :smiley:

(Just one pixel away ‘like x+1’)

Thanks guys. I’ll test these now.