Drawing Boxes in Pointshop

How would I be able to create boxes that outline an item in the Pointshop under one category? Such as this example from SeriousTTT:

And also how to add text in the pointshop category? Again from SeriousTTT:

Sorry for the bad quality in the second image. It says Donator Items

First things first: Can you code or are you waiting for a finished code?

I’m currently in the process of learning lua. I know a bit but enough

Hmm. Would I have to use the “draw.DrawText” for the text? (i.e. Donator Items and so on)
And also use “surface.DrawRect” for the boxes?

I imagine it’s done something like
function CATEGORYModifyTab( tab )
–create dpanel
– create dimage for icons
– create dlabels for the text
– create dbutton to buy

Would this be a function in the category file?