Drawing buttons on an entity

Hello, I wanted to ask, how to draw a functional button on an entity, like some certain printers do, or the “3D Radio” I know it has to do with ENT:Draw() and cam.Start3D2D(), but how exactly would I go about that?

A thread about this was posted barely a few hours ago… it’s only a few below this one…

Edit: Sorry, my mistake, read your question wrong.

The above will help get you started( if you’re having any problems with that ), I actually wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to the buttons you’re after though. Sorry to jump the gun with my reply.

Yes, the wiki has an example how to use cam.Start3D2D
After that you’ll have to do some math to figure out if the user is looking at your button, example of which can be found here

or I could use this library, even though I wanted to code stuff for myself, but its a bit overwhelming yet, since I am still a “beginner”.

I’d rate this informative, but i have no rating buttons :rolleyes:
I’m actually gonna tinker with that myself, thank you for the link.