Drawing models onto the Viewmodel

Hello all.
I’m trying to make a nice little system where upon one could increase his apparearant weapon model database by taking existing view models and drawing scaled rotated comic props onto the various parts of the viewmodel. However, I am encountering a difficulty. Because the props are drawn in the World, they clip into the wall. Is there any way to draw onto the same layer that the View Model uses? I was messing with Entity:SetRenderOrigin and Entity:SetRenderAngles, but I got no where. Any Ideas, oh few but powerful Lua gods?

Well Player:GetViewModel() is your stone. Entity:SetParent() is your tool. The rest is up to you :keke:


local ent = ents.Create(“prop_dynamic”)
local vm = ply:GetViewModel()

To get an idea.

YOU MAY need an EF_BONEMERGE in there. MAY.

Done that. Thanks. What exactly does EF_BONEMERGE do?

My main concern is that sometimes it dissapears (!), and it clips into the world.