Drawing "render.RenderView" ontop of a derma-panel

tl;dr? Take a look at the bottom.

I’m kinda stuck - i can’t get my renderview-thing to draw above a derma-panel i created.
I already took a look at the wiki but it’s kinda confusing :S
The frame is drawing flawlessly, so does the renderview-thingy.
Also, how would i update the renderview-positions to match up with the derma-frame? (It should be draggable, the renderview should follow it accordingly).

[LUA]–the view i am rendering
local viewport = {}
viewport.origin = Entity(1):GetShootPos()
viewport.angles = Entity(1):EyeAngles()
viewport.x = 128
viewport.y = 128
viewport.w = 64
viewport.h = 64
viewport.fov = 90

–the frame i created
CCamFrame = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
CCamFrame:SetTitle(“Client Cameras”)
CCamFrame:SetSize(128, 128)
CCamFrame:SetPos(64, 64)

This is what i got:

This is what i want:

You could make a vgui panel which has a Paint() function with your RenderView. Then you’d parent that to your DFrame.