Drawing Text On Screen

I am using this as a base:

It works fine except for the ply:Nick but that doesn’t matter for me.

What I’m needing is for the Message to be displayed on screen only for a certain round. What I’ve tried to do is set up the script so that it will run if a serverside varible is set to true and if false it won’t show but I can not for the life of me get it to work. I’ve tried using net.Receive, net.Start and util.AddNetworkString but I couldn’t get it to work.

If I need to provide an example of it I can

Because it’s a global variable which needs to be networked, you should probably use…

Entity( 0 ):SetNWBool( “isSpecialRound”, true )

Where Entity( 0 ) is the same as game.GetWorld(). No need to reinvent the wheel.

Then on the client just do the same, except use GetNWBool instead of SetNWBool

It may have to do with how you made your network. Can you post the serverside/clientside code that use the net library?

Thanks zzaacckk, I got it working now.