Drawing text on the screen

Can i please have a link on the wiki to some way of drawing text in the middle of the screen without doing it in HUDPaint. i need to create a script that draws text on the screen at a certain time and it must be a seperate addon, able to work on sandbox without editing the gamemode files.

The hook library is pretty awesome.

the fact that i made this thread should show you that i have already searched the wiki the best i can. posting something like that shows you don’t know if there is any way to do it, you just want to sound cool and maybe get some cheap laughs. how about some real help next time?

When I say hook library I mean searching the wiki on “hook”. I’m sure there’s a tutorial on there.

I even did it for you!

I already knew about hooks, that isn’t what i needed.

i would like to reiterate what is commonly said about this section of the forums:
“don’t help people if you don’t know what you are talking about”
you are obviously inexperienced at coding and i would appreciate some professional help. thanks anyway

I consider Dave_Parker to be an experienced coder, he just misunderstood your question. (Easily done, as it is pretty vague).

I figured you didn’t know about hooks, since you didn’t want to “overwrite” gamemode files, so I thought you didn’t know of a better way.

Well, first thing I thought of was a panel, with which you can also draw text on the screen.

To answer your question just use HUDPaint, there is no reason at all this hook would not do what you’re looking for.