Drawing viewmodel bodygroups

Been having some trouble drawing viewmodel bodygroups, asked around with some friends and they can’t help me out either.

I have some code in my swep base’s initialize function and deploy function: here it is

self:SetBodygroup(self.BodygroupCategory or 1, self.Bodygroup or 0) in initialize and

self.Owner:GetViewModel():SetBodygroup(self.BodygroupCategory or 1, self.Bodygroup or 0) in deploy.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advanced.

Post the full code. Does the model in question have bodygroups? Are you setting the correct bodygroup index? where are self.BodygroupCategory and self.Bodygroup defined?

Yeah, I already did it. I had been up for like, 19 hours and was overthinking it lol

Just finished doing aimpunch and changing the way spread is predicted with a friend of mine so aimbots and nospread modules will have a hard time.

Thanks anyway.