A big part of primitive human culture was drawing. I think in rust if we could draw with a stick in the dirt to share an attack plan with friends, or paint with plant dye/blood on a rock to share a keep out warning with enemies that could be very fun. That said the bad apples will ruin it for everyone drawing the worst things imaginable. Perhaps a solution could be allowing admins to determine the author of a drawing and take action if they feel necessary. Just an idea I wanted to share.

You’ve already figured out what will happen. Dicks everywhere. Not too mention the game isn’t primitive, so maybe drawing on paper somewhere down the line, not a priority but would be neat addition.

Maybe do canned things that you can put places to avoid trolls abusing it.

yep…can’t wait to dickface people’s shelters and rocks and well…everything

It would be epic if you could paint and do ‘graffitis’ like in real life. Music + Voice chat + Paint = Epic.

Can’t touch this (music playing) while you draw whatever you want hahahahaha

Maybe being able to tag some premade icons would work as CS used to do it, but anything else is just asking for trouble with the maturity level of this community. They are worst than the cavemen… As an admin I wouldn’t want an extra thing to police on my server… no thanks

Message system like demons souls ou dark souls, could maybe work.


its easy with graffiti tool :wink:

Thanks for the admin perspective, i’m sure you are busy enough as it is. I suppose premade icons do provide a fair solution that counters the dick drawing. Of course even then there will be some aspiring Da Vinci who manages to put enough shapes together to get the same effect. People can kinda do that right now with structures if they have enough time and materials. I think there comes a point where the game devs have to choose between player creativity and censorship. That said, I played a fair bit of multiplayer minecraft and rarely saw obscene content.

Perhaps drawing on the paper currently in game and giving players the option to trade those drawings with an accept/decline prompt on the receiver’s end - this would work great for sharing a map/plan with friendlies.

You will be amazed at the Human beings creativity when it comes to drawing Dicks…

They will find a way

Did you even read my post, or do you just disagree with everything by default?

I’d love to have this feature I really do but

[sp] not many people would use it seriously, and just draw swastikas and penises everywhere [/sp]

sorry to spoil it for you.