DrawMaterialOverlay on ttt


I used DrawMaterialOverlay( “effects/invuln_overlay_red”, 0.5 ) on my local server, and it perfectly works, instead in my ttt server, I only see error.

Could you post the code (I mean, if you’re running this in a HUDPaint hook or something)? Also, what’s the error?

function afunction()
	DrawMaterialOverlay( "effects/invuln_overlay_red", 1 )
hook.Add("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "example", afunction)

Simply all the screen become an error.

Your server looks like it does not have the texture.

It seems like TF2 isn’t mounted

Server doesn’t even need the texture, the code is completely clientside, you are showing it ON THE CLIENT’s SCREEN. The code should work as long as THE CLIENT has the texture AND the code is ran clientside.

Ok, then why into my server I see it but into another ttt server I only see error?

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Can you explain me how to mount tf2?
Thank you!


Unless I’m mistaken