DrawQuadEasy not drawing my materials, but DrawSprite does

This code doesn’t work

render.SetMaterial( tex )
render.DrawQuadEasy( self:GetPos() - Vector(0,0,3),Vector(0,0,-1),8,8,Color( 255,255,255,255 ),-self:GetAngles().y)

on my materials. It DOES work with any others. (like sprites/splodesprite)

Now, if i use this instead

render.SetMaterial( tex )
render.DrawSprite( self:GetPos(), 16, 16, Color(255,255,255,255))

it shows my sprite, but it has no rotation so that’s no good.

Can DrawQuadEasy have alpha? if not, what should I do?

Since no one posted, i’ll put how i solved it.

DrawQuad and DrawQuadEasy cannot draw things with alpha. I used DrawTexturedRectRotated.