Dream C Club Series For Garry's Mod,Pls??

please something, here’s from Hotsumaman http://hotsumaman.deviantart.com/ want to be request to be hope would make XBOX 360’s Dream C Club & DCC-Zero Lovely Hostess & Moe-Stylish Cute maid characters ever must be expect that port to 3ds max & into mdl decompiler just how did mentioned do who care’s are you’ll supposed do DCC should make do anything playable on garrys mod mightful is asking simple called “Dream Fortress” (which mean as parody title Team Fortress 2) has i think of course, so far those sweet adorable & sexiest mate on hostess be job characters like Amane,Setsu,Riho,Nao,Reika,Mari etc…so be a wanted to asking do response me and sure even thought DCC/DCCZ for making your Garrys Mod from XBOX 360 port to do let your considering about my suggestions and here my site http://djlordsuzaku.deviantart.com …exactly i cannot explained my 3dsmax anymore so soon to be i long far to learned have already might you’ll who one better luck be i wished it. :slight_smile:

here is the article from Wikipedia:

check this for for Dream C Club on Youtube Official PV

[MMD] Bo Peep Bo Peep - Three Dream C Club Girls Riho, Amane and Setsu (Courtesy from MikuMikuDance)


You seem to be running low on periods.

oh geez,im asking your suggestion be who’ll supposed those Dream C Club Hostess model characters doing running be 3dsmax to the checking status…>_<

i seeming do i have no xbox converter on 3dsmax program yet or need Blender programing on my desktop so far yet really things…



I feel like you typed something in to Google Translator, translated from your language into Dutch or something, and then into English.
I’m used to dealing with severe cases of Engrish, but I’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re asking of us.

don’t mention it squiddy, i have google translate so im only english do remind something, i said im looking ask for Maestro felix may does fixing the k-on playermodels on gmod then your FFXIII upcoming models like vanille (non-nude) & Snow then follow didn’t finished yet upcoming models like SF4’s juri han and so im gonna no idea request so hopefully Dream C Club just say about that?