Dream-Land LiteRP


Gonna join and see what it’s like.

Looks like you ripped a bunch of shit from PERP and threw it into DarkDM.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

Wait… PERP isn’t even publicated and it’s not a DarkDM.

Seriously what is your problem, just because you made a DarkRP server which epically failed it doesn’t mean you have to troll on every single DarkRP advertisement.

You’re fucking retarded.

You should stop flaming, your ban list is getting full.

nice, i join if i can has 1mil :smiley:

Why would you get 1 million$ ? This server isn’t like other failRP.

Are you kidding? You can find it in about 5 seconds using google.

So? Does it really mean I was wasting my time with searching PERP? Stop trolling.

The only reason my DarkRP server failed was because of the dumbasses in GMod, but what the fuck does that have to do with this?

What you’re doing is wrong, so you shouldn’t give advice.
Why does the organization GUI look so alike to PERP’s?

Because I have not much desing-skills. So I were making it while playing on PERP in DermaDesigner.

PERP2 is Copyrighted, so I don’t think it’s a ctrl+c.

I laughed reading that.
Its the same GUI as PERP1

this looks like PERPDARKRP :confused:

i agree

Even though it looks like a PERP and DarkRP mix it looks pretty good still, gonna try it out sometime

CZMATE add me to steam, Luke230, I want to show you something.