Dreamcast Models

i’m new on here, but i have experience in extracting/ripping/porting/ragdolling etc, i am able to get models from PC, Gamecube, Wii, PSP, and DS as of now, but the next i was wanting to do is Dreamcast, i know it can be done because i’ve seen Sonic Shuffle and Shenmue models, the 2 specific games i’ve been trying to get models from for some time now is Seaman, or the Toejam & Earl 3 Beta rom that surfaced a while back (i assumed it would be easier than the Xbox version), can anyone help at all? i’ve tried 3D Ripper DX with NullDC like some said they did with Shenmue but Toejam & Earl 3 just turn out flat, and plus i can’t get Seaman in game to try because of the Mic connection it needs

They’re going to come out flat no matter what. You’re going to have to re-inflate them yourself.
I had to do that for my own rips.

ok, how do i go about re-inflating them, i dont have a problem with doing that, just couldnt find much on that to try it myself

you use a 3d modeling program to resize the model along 1 axis.

If the model has multiple pieces, make sure you have all the parts first.

i knew how to do that, i assumed you meant something different, i can’t Dreamcast or PS1 models simply wont stretch, i thought it was a known issue from forums ive seen before, PS2 models will when they start out flat, but any Dreamcast or PS1 model will not expand/inflate no matter how far i stretch any axis

After you extract the model if it’s flat, you select the entire model in the 3D modelling software, click scale, and I prefer to use Metasequoia, but I just drag along one of the X,Y,Z axis points.

i know this, the model simply wont stretch, i have all of them selected, i’ve always had this issue with ps1 or dreamcast, i pick scale and stretch either x, y, or z axis, it acts as if im stretching but the model just remains flat, its not like ps2 just smushed, its literally flat like paper

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whether i just try the model itself or the entire stage rip i get the same issue

Toejam (front and side view)



this is what happens when i select and try to stretch any Dreamcast or PS1 models of any kind that ive ripped