Dream's Hallway; a small project based off a weird dream.

This is a small map i made in a few hours, based off of an unusual dream i had. Let me explain the dream.

You all know how a dream feels, you don’t feel anything wrong, no ameer the circumstances; everything feels natural and in-place.
Imagine yourself inside a small, old hotel lobby; light music playing, the smell of old moth balls in the air. You’re dressed in a 50’s hat, jacket and caring a small leather suitcase. The hotel clurk is dead in a pool of blood. But no worries, you just need to go to your hotel room at the end of the hallway. Nothing feels strange as you walk down the seemingly endless hallway of identical, faceless doors.
I never reached the end of the hallway in my dream.

Anyway, i’d like you to download it and test it out. It’s not just four walls stretches out over a large plonk of hammer’s grid, i put some work into this to make it look “real”
Basically there’s just the hotel lobby and uberlong hallway. Also comes with two kinds of music built-in. Some light ‘lobby’ music and ominous lightly creepy “hallway” music.

Maybe you could pose on it if you want. I dunno.
So rate and comment! Oh and you need CS:S for this to work.

This seems interesting. Although in my opinion the idea of the neverending hallway dream seems kind of unoriginal.
Also the areas around those lights should be somewhat lit as well. Not completely dark. Put a normal dim light there with the same color as thos light_spots

Strange dream you had there :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t we all.

I like your map, simple, but you created a good atmosphere. I was affraid something would scare the shit outta me xD

I’ll certainly find this useful…I’ve got plans for a comic and I need more surreal maps like these…

Looks a lot like my map: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=782274

Holy shit it DOES

So has anyone loaded it up yet and walk to the end of the hall?


Aha, do you know how long that would take?
The beginning of the map (lobby) is in the center of the grid, the end of the hall is about 20 spaces away from the edge


Also added some more pictures of the lobby for anyone interested

That’s a very nice lobby. That last picture looks horrid, however.

It was a failed attempt at making it look darker and grittyer
wish ingame color correction :frowning:

haha Nice i like it It looks good ! Copy plz?

It would be sweet if the doors opend and there was a room in each one ( Put easter eggs in like 60 of them )

Copy of what?

I would like to download this map. And play on it.

Erm, there’s a download link in the OP, click on the yellow box

Ya this is the release section and there is a release link easily visible.

Isnt this the fake GMT Map?
Where you got kicked @ the end?

It looks freakishly similar (FFS it has the same wallpaper as mine, hivemind mappers) But it isn’t the same thing.
I think Reason134 and I have some sort of mental connection

Lol theres an dead CSS girl with bikini o.O

What? You must of replaced the hostage model

I havent o.O
Yeah, but it isnt so long, gone through really fast^^

Well i used a default model.
And my hallway isn’t as long as the towers’ one. I made it mainly for posing.

oh god I tried this and I pissed myself and started to cry…