Just a weird suggestion, Imagine if we had dreams while we slept or got K.O.'ed (If that becomes a thing) I figured it would be interesting to look at and be kind of fun. For example, you could dream of silly stuff like a bear twerking or wolves playing poker. You would be able to walk around and look and pressing space would wake you up.

What about a new type of ammo that contains hallucinogenic drugs? If you get shot but don’t die, you are going to have a shit hard time aiming and firing.

You’r examples are pretty bad.

But something like a obscure “vision” showing a area on the map vaguely with rare loot could of been nice.

When maps get bigger/more rich of content I could see something like this work.

Shit, sorry I didn’t write a 12 page essay on this. I was up ALL night when I wrote this. Obviously you could see how tired I was.

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A few people requested TranQ darts. So yeah, you could trip out when hit with one.