Dreamstate [Short Film]

Dreamstate is actually my first attempt to create a dramatic film, as most/all of my other videos have focused more on action. It IS inspired by a few of Scoutking’s “Suicide” short films, however I only got the inspiration to actually make the movie, as for the actual content of the movie, well, I did my best to approach it in the most original manner possible.

Hope you guys enjoy it :slight_smile:

[Edit] Copyright issue resolved.

Watching now…ooooh is that Moon I hear? hehe

I thought it was well done, I loved the cinematography, but don’t you think they way the people got shot looked a little goofy? That’s what through it off for me

Yes… Clint Mansell is just awesome.

And yes, I realize it looked a bit weird, but doing the entire thing by myself I couldn’t do very much. Additionally, the gun used , when equipped on my own character, did not show up correctly with its world model, the world model was a bit off. Anyways, meh, I know what you mean. Thanks for the feedback

It was filmed pretty good, the one thing that was a bit weird, was the way the ragdolls flailed about when they got shot.

Filters young one… filters…


you must take a clip and thrust apon it filters!

Decent from a mise-en-scène point of view, but the technical aspect is pretty bland, despite some effort to do otherwise. 4/5

Does a movie need multi-million dollar special effects to be good?

And as for the filters, I’m not aiming for a film-noir graphic novel feel to my videos, I tried to make it look somewhat similar to real life.

Any suggestions as to the filters I should have added?

No. Ghosts had a [del]$10[/del] :20bux: budget. (bought the 2CD edition of the album at a music store in Rennes)

5$ of that was for snacks, and the other 5$ was for pot for him to get the idea.
the other 10 dollars were for hookers.

I think those flinging funny ragdolls were the perfect balance for the sadness of this film.

I chuckled at how they flew ;D

I disagree. You don’t need filters in everything, atleast not a filter which result in HEAPS and MOUNDS of defusion.

In Ghosts’ case, it was needed because of the story, all ghosty and shit. The only color editing I do is studio color correction and maybe a little bit from the look suite.


Was good.
But you need to get someone who can pose.

Yes, I’m rather bad at posing.

… among other things :rolleyes:

Elaborate, please, Max.

Edit: Even so, thanks from every one of you for the feedback! On Youtube i’m getting very positive feedback average feedback on here (expected, facepunch is a much more demanding crowd), so I guess it goes to show I’m not completely inept at making dramatic shorts! :slight_smile:

The youtube crowd is full of idiots, its safe to assume 90% of your subscribers, not just yours ANYONES machinmas.com channel, faolco1s, mine, even yours are all mindless idiots who will do anything if you tell them too.
Facepunch has the ability to think and form a opinion and has a “standard”.

Great movie, not yours but Moon. That shit was intense, yours was just filter eye rape. But you are getting better.

In a way.