DREDD Laaaaaawgiver

here is the pistol from the recent DREDD movie, i know its missing a lot of detail, im new at modelling, howd i do so far**? **open to constructive criticism

yes, i know im not that great with textures, im still learning

im also planning on working on a judge model, yesterday i was an hour into making the badge when blender crashed. i plan on using this as a base to work off of http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110571239&searchtext=resident , maybe something else if i find anything

the only reason im doing this is because no one else has, if a pro wants to make a judge and lawgiver, please do, i just want dredd models to play around with.
GMOD needs more DREDD models

*i did use the glock from Larrys UWP to work off of

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Heres what the judge looks like now

I like it