Drei, zwei, eins, jetzt!


I just noticed how i made a big mistake on the direction of muzzleflash… other than that - c&c please! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it Einz Zwei drei? Also,the pic’s a lil blurry.

You were right about the direction of the muzzleflash, but it’s also incredibly hard to spot because it is not bright enough or giving off enough light.

Watermark is unnecessary.

He was counting down.

Aerkhan, Im trying to learn how to use Super Dof :slight_smile:
Chesty, well, i dont know actually if i want to keep it (watermark). Is there a tutorial somewhere for muzzleflashes?
Thank you Smirnoff Joe.


Thank you.

Posing is pretty bad. tuck in those butt’s.

Muzzle doesn’t line up

Thank you darius, i see that now xD
Back_Slash, i know, i wrote that i my first post :wink: