DrFox's Etiquette Guide for the Friendly Survivor

Hello, everyone. I decided to make this quick guide so both new players and the more experienced ones know how to behave in a player encounter with no expectations of getting in a fight. Here I’ll post the signals I know, plus some of my suggestions.

1st.- May I axe you a question?

The most common problem: people running around trying to kill you all mohawk style. In order to avoid problems with this, there’s three options:

a) Keep distance. Pretty obvious, but if you see someone running towards you, run away. Maybe his intention wasn’t to kill you after all.

b) Strike first. In an axe fight, you’re dead if you get hit first. So if someone’s harrassing you, turn around and chop off his legs.

c) Warning shots. Because a bullet has more convincing power. Show them you have the resources to keep hostiles away. PD: it could be also misunderstood as an agression, but as long as it keeps you safe from mohawks, it’ll do the trick.

2nd.- Approaching someone:

Okay, the guy’s not going to split your head in two, what now?

The most common signal I’ve seen around is a simple jump, with a lit flare if you have one. If both players make this signal, they can get nearer to know thei nicknames and team up or just keep doing their thing. Of course, some people will take advantage of this, so always stay alert.

What if the other player doesn’t answer the signal repeated times? Then he has declared non-friendly and therefore you must be extremely careful. Of course, after this point you decide what’s convenient: run away or fill him with bullets.

3rd.- Approaching a building:

This is the most dangerous one, since each owner will decides if he wants people nearby or not, so beware. The most common signal, along with the Friendly Jump, is having a flare at night. The owner will be able to see you clearly. If you were hostile, you wouldn’t be walking around like that, probably.

4rd.- Teaming up:

If you’re lucky enough to get a companion, your survival possibilities will greatly increase. First, a single bandit will think twice before starting a fight against a bigger group. Also, one of you will be able to gather resources while the other is watching out.

There are a few inconvenients about not being alone, though. You can’t tell if that guy is your friend or not from a safe distance, so communication is really important. If possible, get eachother’s Steam or Skype, or even a TeamSpeak, you choose. Doors aren’t shared either, so be careful when building together.


This is everything for now. I will update this as new suggestions or game mechanics appear, so feel free to reply if you want something added or changed in this guide. Thanks for reading!

this all means nothing if someone just says “fuck it” and blasts you with a shotgun

Otto’s guide for the friendly survivor:

Stop, drop and hand over your goodies. Then after you’ve done this face away from the other individual to receive the bullet or hatchet in the back of your head.

Yeah, you’re right, but that’s why you always have a loaded weapon aiming at his nuts. Obviously, if the other guy wants to kill you, he will, unless you’re fast enough and either hide or shoot him down.

I always find that most newer survivors never seem to notice my M4, so they come sprinting at me and I just shoot them in the face with a bullet or two.

Hmm, I think I’ll add warning shots to the guide. Gunfire convinces a lot more than jumping around.

That sometimes works, but since the guns always sound close even if they’re in the next valley over, people tend to ignore them and continue on their merry way hatcheting my door. Unless of course they’re staring right at you when you fire the warning shots.

The bad thing about warning shots is that people might think “OH HE’S ATTACKING ME! AXE AXE!”. But eh, free medkit and flare, and maybe some stuff the mohawk might have picked up.

For some reason they all seem to have exactly 1 metal ore, and exactly 1 sulfur ore, no idea why.

Don’t all the valuables get set to 1 when you die? I guess it’s a bug.

I’ve had players drop more than one bullet before, but never more than 1 ore of either kind, maybe it’s just a bug with the ores.

Yeah, I’ve seen that too.

With wood as well.

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Gunpowder seems to work, though. So the whole thing is really weird.

Yeah, to be honest i’d have expected the rarer items to have been the bugged ones, not the more common items.

  1. Explain to the person in question that you have an elaborate explosive device that will detonate upon your death.

We need those.

Why not an elaborate explosive device that will explode them?