Drifting in the Rain

C&C and stuff

Editing is awesome, something about the guys expression-less face is bugging me though. Also the hands don’t look like they’re gripping the wheel all to well :l

Everything else is great though! :slight_smile:

is it you in the car or is it a ragdoll you posed?

Editing is superb but the camera angle leaves much to be desired.

Oh my god thanks Chesty for bumping this!
The screen is amazing because everything fits perfectly. Id like to give you 2 arty but I can just give you one :argh:

Very nice, the smoke is the best bit.

The smoke is awesome.
Mind telling us were you got it from :clint:?


It’s obsidian dawn isn’t it :cawg:?

I got smoke brushes from google
just type in photoshop smoke brushes and eventually you’ll find some good ones :slight_smile:


Could have a better car model, but this is awesome too!