Project cancelled

Hello there! I’ve been quite idle for some time, Im on multiple projects right now.
A few days ago, I’ve got the idea for this and started to develop it a little bit.
It’s a miniature version of the HUD from DRIV3R and Im planning to release it so anyone could use it on their** gamemode or server**.

Why a mini version? Because I imagined the DRIV3R HUD on a GMod style and I used the silkicons, but I don’t know if I should use big icons, it’s supposed to be easy to create elements, and set an icon to it.

For now these are the default featurings:
Health meter: A simple health meter that goes from green to red. If the health is less than 20 it will blink.

Armor meter: A simple armor meter. Actually hidden because there’s no armor. Probably I’ll add an option to toggle it (always shown yes/no)

Felony meter: This is a feature for roleplay like gamemodes. It’s a meter that shows the “wanted level” or the amount of felonies that you commited. That depends of what use you give to it (as a modder). The default value of felony combines a wanted boolean (DarkRP by default) and it rises depending on the kills you do, and if you hold a firearm for too long.
This can be used with the combination of a wanted boolean and a felony value.

Ammunition meter: Is an ammunition (and ammunition type) meter that shows the amount of ammo left in the clip and the amount of ammo you’ve got of that type.
The image depends of the ammo type you use (in DarkRP firearms will have their own icon). I’ve tried to show the weapon model that you’re using, but I’ve got some problem and I used some pictures I made.

Gamemode Stats: It’s a list of different messages or statistics (values).


MORE IMAGES (17/10/2014)

Beautiful, good work.

Nice work! Although I feel we’re reaching a point where there should just be a megathread for (DarkRP) HUDs

Well, this HUD is meant to be used on any roleplaying like gamemode, not only DarkRP.
If I see positive feedback I’ll release a DarkRP version and a ‘blank’ version for modders.


Oh, this is nice! I will use it for my Gamemode :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t worry about doing that. I’m not so sure people would be interested in ‘modding’ a ‘blank’ version of a HUD.

I’ve uploaded some images showing the future option to add custom gamemode stats, and bars with differents variables.
Also I uploaded a couple to show the armor bar.

Exelent addons thanks !!

It looks great, nice work!

could you put the cars too, like this one: http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san-andreas/vehicle-mods/15127 please ?

I thought this post got lost in oblivion since I wasn’t getting more feedback.

Also, I ceased development a long time ago because with the “Dumb” ratings and the “Disagree” with the few positive comments I thought that the community wasn’t interested enough.