Drivable TF2 & HL2 Trains anyone?

after seeing the TF2 Driveable Vehicles on the Garrys Mod workshop along with Sligwolf’s Trains, there is one question on my mind.

how come Nobody has ever made any Drivable Trains for Garry’s mod before?

they always have to be put together the old fashion way with thrusters, wiremod, props and so on.

I would love to see someone out there make a Train like Sligwolf’s western loco.

a train that you don’t have to put together, Just a normal Train vehicle that you can spawn and go!

along with a simple coupling system like the hook and loop couplers on Hornby Trains

If there is anyone out there who would like to try and make some trains like these, please do.

and I’m sure many people out there would love to see this happen.