Drivable Vichels need it.

I got question for you guys, Can i use Natalya’s Car Pack 2012 or other MCMV-Rev49 Cars in my own map in games like Counter Strike, Half-Life 2DM, etc… I hope i can put them in my map HL2 map using prop_drivable_vichels. I already try to put on my map but the problem is i don’t see the car in the map after compile it. Please if anyone know how or where I’m mistaking please let me know.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Ask the lady herself. That’s something you’d ask in a personal message.

oh, i have the models already just want to know if possible i can use those in other game then Garry’s Mod. I just love those cars, that’s why i want to know. You have any idea?

Considering they’re probably lua driven - no

I’m totally agree with wraithcat, you can’t use those model cause they only made for Garry’s Mod as far i know. But i wish if you can use those in other games that’ll be sick just a thought?

Okay, but i have seen a video on YouTube someone actually made to work for Counter-Strike. I try to find the link but it been 2/3 now the video delete my user. I wish i can make cars model by myself but not sure what kinda program they use? anybody know?

if i find something i’ll let you know, I’m not a models fan, i like maps more then.

Thank you, stewieeeeeeee :slight_smile: