Drive-By shooting chair?

I was wondering: is there any vehicle chair out there that will let the occupant actually fire his/her weapon while in it?
Because, well, sometimes it’s more convenient to bring a weapon with you into a car than to take a few minutes to mount a turret.
Is this even possible?

Have you used google -.-

Stop being so nasty lord-garn.

Also wire can sorta do that. though its just like mounting a turret except when you click MOUSE1 for example, it will shoot while your driving. Though I don’t believe what you want exists. V:v:V

CapsAdmin had released a Weapons Seats addon at one point but it appears to have been removed. As of now, I don’t think any addon exists for shooting in a chair.

Aw it would have been perfect for adding to halo-inspired vehicles.
Awaiting a lua scripting master to come up with a new chair

We don’t exactly have a drive by chair, but what we do have is a thing callded the GHD. It allows you to stand in a moving contraption which you apply the GHD too. It’s in beta so be careful, but it’s useful if you wanna use it for that stuff.

It can break your adv. ballsocket tool. also there was weapon seats, i dunno what happened to them though.

Heh… Well until someone makes a drive by chair were kinda stuck with it.

I guess. I’ll try it out.