Drive By

Crappy dust edit.

Well it’s funny for many different reasons if anything lol

There’s a giant terrorist standing in the mountains

That dust is really out of place lol

yeah the dust doesn’t blend in lol



what are you doing, this is terrible. nothing matches up. the perspective is fucked. you sourced photos from all different angles and then whacked them in and it shows. don’t ever do that again.

terrorist hiding in ice cream

it’s funny because it’s true

That terrorist is I

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I also want those MOH models ddok. Ya feel me?

i dunno if this is serious or not but it made me lol

hes not gonna give them to you by just asking… theyre not even done yet he told me.

guy in the back is like a genie in a cloud of mountains

‘dat atv, ye’

Hahaha cool picture. :v:

i’d change it to say no shitposting allowed and post it under every post you make but i don’t really feel like resorting to image macros to try and get my point across

if you do this shit for fun, then you don’t need to post it. if you do post it, you can expect crit, regardless of why you made it. surely even you can work that one out.