"Drive fast so we avoid gettin' blown' up!"


Quickie! :slight_smile:

Good use of the dead cow.

Pretty snazzy.

That cow poses no Tactical Threat to the Striker.

And also… where did you get that Striker?

Hey, can be a cow with c4 in it, never man…(Joking)

Always have liked your dusty style.


The united states military kicked my cow

“Now I must detonate my roadside bomb!”

nice atmosphere

Thanks for your comments!

Nice job for a quicky!

Good job my good sir.

Where did you got that cow :saddowns:

Nice pic.

Part of the L4D1 content.

Really nice atmosphere although the guy in the back looks strange. What map is it by the way?


A damn fine map for desert vehicle stuff.

very nice

Nice DOF on the front axle there.