Drive faster dawg our breakfast is running away ... literally - animal farm reloaded

The horse’s face O_o

Who’s hunting whom?

Badass tiger, man.

The animals the antlion for breakfast, animal rebellion :3

Dogs can’t drive vans!

For a second I thought the muzzle flash was the van’s light.

Animals with guns? MOTHER OF GOD!

YEs1!! i love that horse too, i just made a new pic with that horse in mind!

The turtle is giving me the evil eye.

I can feel the tiger’s rage.

that turtle in the left-hand corner looks familiar.

I believe thats turtlehead’s, but I’ve been wrong before.

You really need to do a lighting tutorial Crazy.

Yeah. Learn lighting.

Pure Win!

there’s nothing better.

Just pure awesome.

it’s the turtle from counter-strike source.

I can’t believe you actually change your avatar.