Drive system collision?

Pretty much what the title asks. Is there a way to set the drive system to allow collision or no? I was going to use PhysicsSimulate() however when I set the entities angles of the player, the entity will move incredibly slow.

Any help would be lovely. <3

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Basically rather than using SetPos on the entity you can use SetVelocity on the physics object.
For angles you could use AddAngleVelocity on the physics object, but I’m terrible at maths for this so I can’t really help you with that.

Otherwise you could use ComputeShadowControl, it’s a lot easier to use with much less maths involved but a bit more taxing on the server and not well predicted to my knowledge, this way you won’t need SetVelocity or AddAngleVelocity.

here’s my headache threads on this shit:

Totally cannot believe I didn’t think of just setting velocity instead of setting position. Thank you a lot though!

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