Driveable Cars

hey guys

Here is my latest Car pack it has 50 cars included and the best part is they ARE ALL DRIVEABLE
Cars Included

District 9 vehicles
Kuno’s Vehicles
Most Wanted vehicles
Fuel Mod Cars
BF2 Buggy

Oh wow cool.

Did you actually make these?

No I only wish i could but see i take a bunch of packs and put them together but there all driveable thats why i have so many downloads

so when is your 3rd pack coming

So you did nothing but put these vehicles into a pack?

I hardly think you deserve to make a thread on it.

Hint: Credit the original authors or you will probably get flamed.

im up to about 150 cars that are driveable so about a month

Actually I’m almost done with the pack so it should be online in 1-2 days

So… you never did anything but make a pack that already exists?

No if a pack like this already exists why would people download mine hmmmmm maybe because i put a ton of cars that are driveable into one huge pack so that you dont have to download 10 different packs it makes good sense the faster adn easier anything is the more people will download and no i hve to go and download it and then i test the cars to make sure that they all drive and then i put them in a pack

God, the grammar! Its burning my eyes!

1.No credit to the original creators.
3. ???


The issue is the old packs did not all have those cars working up to date with Gmod, so it was good DMJ reuploaded that stuff. While we can say DMJ did not credit others, at the same I do not remember the other car uploaders originally crediting the people that made those car models for their original games like NFS and GTA San Andreas before they were ported to Gmod. However, to avoid getting this taken down, yes it is a burden Jacob, but crediting the first uploaders of these cars is the only way to play it safe, because this is a useful set of drivable cars.

Worst case scenario, Jacob, in addition to already having released this giant set of actual drivability for these cars, you just release those scripts you made making these cars drivable, as another DL, and since it would require players to already have the cars to begin with by whoever made the models first, that should not be a problem. I just hate to see this set of working wheels get taken down.

Just to let you know the file is broken on the website

I appreciate him making packs because hey, people like me aren’t EXPERTS with finding out where this addon goes or that one…

I’m glad theres someone making packs so that I can download them all at once.

Although, I agree with other people to an extent.
You should be able to make packs, as long as you get permission from the original creators of the cars your putting together.

I do:

Also of add the credits put the original links of the addons that you are using. maybe the people dont want all the vehicles, just a few and don’t knows where you find them. :confused:

I’m having trouble getting them to work. I could use some help on where to put them. . . .

Awesome! I just love having 9,000 cars that all use the same Jeep physics and jeep sounds and I can’t even fucking see over the steering wheel! Gee wilickers thanks!

I already have over 50 cars so no thanks, 50 will do me…