Driveable Ghost

I have a request that someone could make
An Halo 3 Ghost

Off topic : 100 posts :v:

I started this a long time ago but never finished it, and lost the code.

I think I’ll make it again for fun:v:

Ok, the new ghost now have the same capabilities as the one in the video, with minor tweaks.

Video of the new one

maybe you could make it driveable so you can sit in it

That’s the point.

Give it a plasma attack and boost attack like in the game. :smiley:


But why? I’m working on it already!

i didnt dump the idea i just bumped it so it would go to the first page

Ok… but why? Go to the WIP thread to see the progress. This request in in the makings so there’s no need to bump the thread.

Yeah, it would be useful to make it driveable. :holy: :holy: :holy:

You don’t say…:sigh: