Driveable truck model

need this truck in Gmod with the same steering as the HL2 Jeep

dont have models or anything only tha picture

with lights and all tha stuff :smiley:

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Use spellcheck, and we’ll take you seriously. Dont be a Fucktard, and use “Tha” “Wun” It’s retarded. Just a few pointers if you want us to even make you a tiny microsopic rock.

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Wrong section, bro.

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So, everyone in this thread had themselves banned… Good going, guys.

Both of us aren’t




Also no clue on the truck, sorry

That picture looks to be from a game. If we knew the game, that would help. (We might port it over.) .

The name says wos which implies Wheels Of Steel, but it’s modded in, and there are multiple WOS’s.