Driven by Curiosity and Jet Fuel

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I feel this probably could have turned out better, I just could not get the clouds right. This was, however, probably the most successful implementation of AO I’ve had yet in a gmod image. I used a really tight z-pass to render it at 4320p, then downsampled it. They’re hard to notice with everything going on in this image, but there are some pretty nice soft shadows going on, and I didn’t paint any of them.

I honestly don’t know what to play around with next, graphics wise. I’ve managed the three big things I wanted (accurate placement of effects in 3-D space in an image, accurate DOF, and accurate ambient occlusion).

Jesus christ
Shit looks so awesome.

Those flames coming out of the engines look really huge for a ship that size. Aside from that you’ve yet again proven yourself to be among the greatest editors I’ve seen in this section.

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Not that I’m kissing ass or anything


Look so beautiful…

the flame doesn’t look quite right, an engine of that caliber should give off a plume more like this[/t][t]

the lens flare is a bit overkill too i think

I thought the lens flare was the horizon at first

The gigantic flame coupled with the stillness of the ship looks incorrect.

It was meant to be a bit of a wasteful, over the top flame for a slow moving ship - the ship isn’t supposed to look like it’s going at high speeds. I probably should’ve went with flames more similar to Joazzz’s ones though.


Truly awesome

The full res image looks even more beautiful. Tell me, what are those 3 floating straws coming out of the house?

The pipes? Many of them are HL2 canals/rooftop/wasteland models.

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A better wallpaper version (just an excuse to crop it really, something bothers me about the empty space in the original)

QHD - 1080p