Driven into a corner + Бонус


Massive clipping on the gasmask dude with the L85 in the first pic and the editing is a bit contrasty for my liking, but otherwise not bad. Hectic as all fuck.

The shells coming from the L85 are the wrong roundtype - they’re not the right shape and they look far too large.

Also; stock through the shoulder? Ouch. Posing/scale is fairly nice though and the editing is bearable.

they are the default abnormally large 9mm hl2 casings.

You can always use perspective to your advantage.

That would fix the size, but you still have the problem of 9mm-shaped casings being ejected from a 5.56 rifle.

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The shells also don’t seem to be coming from any ejection port or travelling in any coherent general direction.

Very interesting.



I never said the caliber was right, but if the casings in question are huge regardless of their caliber, perspective could fix the size problem.

Yeah, but what use is that when he’s trying to use a short straight-wall instead of a long bottleneck? The two cases look nothing alike, so regardless of perceived size, it’s still going to look very, very wrong.

do the nurses have masks on on the last pic ?

Jesus the contrast

I like both of them. Especially “pass me the cigarette, shits not worth of without it” pic.

What is this map?

God damnit I never said that the casings were right hughughug

You don’t understand, this is serious. Lives are at stake.