Driver Updating

Well, ever since I updated my drivers, my Source SDK has gone to shit. Larger maps don’t run as smoothly as they used to, and are extremely laggy now. Please help!

Presuming you mean gfx drivers, so nvida or ati?

Yeah, we need a little bit more information. What type of card, and what update did you go to?

Correct, I have ATI

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I did the “AMD Driver Autodetect”, as well as “Catalyst Software Suite” and “AMD Catalyst Application Profiles”. This is the first time I ever updated my drivers, so don’t judge me lol.

Can anyone help? I am still awaiting assistance concerning this issue…

Have you went into Steam clicked Steam in the top left corner and went to Check for Video Driver updates?

I have, it says I am up to date.

Tried rolling back on your driver update?

Meaning…? And in my assumption of what that does mean, how would that be done?

download an older driver.

I would also like to know why updating a driving would create this kind of issue. By any chance, do you know why?

Would be something with the developers behind the update. You could try forcing some settings on/off on Catalyst, if you don’t want to roll back.

I’ve tried that, I might as well as to contact their support team for further assistance. Thanks for the help though!