Driving License for my DarkRP Server

Hello Guys
i am Search a Driving License System and i am Pay 150$ for this
The System is Saved on Data Folder and Steam ID so can my User ever Driving

The System have 3 Functions
I can the License as Admin giving
I can the License as Admin Blocked
I can the License as Admin Remove
The Player can by The Driving Scool the License Become
Or the Player Payed the License for 8000$ InGame Money

Please a Gui and Simple who can i am the Edit

Thanks man

And i am Testing the Script before i am Buying

You’d find more help on http://ScriptFodder.com

no i have search this is not found

Create a job on there.

oh ok :smiley:

hmm i am search ever

You wouldn’t need to pay $150 for this, more like $20 or less.

You’d need to initiate a job on www.scriptfodder.com, and set your price, etc, and then someone can apply to do it for you.

(Français, just in case)

Vous n’avez pas besoin de payez $150 pour ça, plus comme $20 ou moins

Vous devez commencer un “emploi” sur www.scriptfodder.com, et mettez votre prix, etc, et après quelque temps, les chances sont que tu va recevoir quelqu’un qui applique pour ton emploi

sry my Price is from 150$ of 20$ reload

Why would you want to pay more than you need? Unless you’re really that nice. But $150 is a huge waste of money.

I’m sorry to go off topic, but I had to complement you Mr. Yoko1234 on your wonderful English skills and superior marketing. I don’t know what your current occupation is, but you could damn sure be a great salesman with persuasiveness and speech like this.

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