Driving License

Could someone make a script that makes it so you need a driving license to drive, if you could start it off I may be able to finish the script.

Here is the things I want to happen with it:

  1. Only the Car dealer (TEAM_CAR) can give licenses.
  2. There is a taxi class, that starts with licenses, and can purchase a taxi from there inventory. (I can do this)
  3. I cant remember :blush:

If you could even start this I will still give you recognition but if you finish it I will give you full recogniton on my server.

If you are REALLY awesome you can completely finish it and send the code to my email, so noone else takes the idea :D. (By doing so you will get admin on all my servers(which is 2 now soon 3 :D))

Email: footymadmatt@gmail.com

1:] Don’t demand.
2:] Not enough information, We need what gamemode you are using especially. Is the drivers license a item…? Or is it a team or what?

What is this for, DarkRP? I’m just going to assume DarkRP at this point, sounds like it would fit.

Schu mate, he didn’t demand. Though he didn’t say please or thank-you pre-emptively, he didn’t demand. Kool, in future, a please or thank-you goes a long way to getting people to help you. Like Schu said though, more info is needed, especially that which advises us which gamemode this is for.

Sorry if I seemed to be demanding, in my other posts I usually do use my manners, but I guess I was in a rush. :slight_smile:
It is for Darkrp, the ‘License’. It is the same as the gun license (not and item or team) except it is needed to drive cars and it is called a Driving license. Also it is ment to be given by the Car dealers ONLY!
Thanks in advance,