Driving Underwater

Hello. I’ve been playing GMod for a few months now, and have used this forum to find information several times. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question, so I figured I’d join and ask.

I want to drive a car underwater. I don’t know why. I’ve worked all the bugs out of my portable life support system, but all vehicles still stall underwater. Is there any way of driving a car underwater?


Add thrusters.

Edit: To everything.

Thrusters are just dandy, but I’m thinking literally driving on the seabed. So I need the engine not to stall. Anybody can add thrusters to a car, I literally want to DRIVE underwater.

This is a VERY long shot but if you want to drive an airboat underwater maby you can download the weight tool and make it heaver?
(probably wont work) :frowning:

I think you’d need the buoyency tool for thatm but it’s a good start.

Hard-coded into the engine, can’t change it.

Some vehicle packs thousands of days ago had vehicles that wouldn’t stall underwater. There was even a thread asking gigabyte how he got his cars to stall underwater. I think it was Vmod that had the cars. PM gigabyte.