Drlilrobot VAC banned? - Splatoon addons taken down with him.

Basically now, Because of this - It seems all the addons he published under his name are taken down sadly which may be problematic, honestly. I’m wondering - Does anybody still happen to have some of his addons on hand? Because that’d be helpful.
I have yet to find out why he’s VAC banned in the first place though.

He’s been banned for close to a year? His addons are still accessible here so I don’t know what you’re on about

He took down several of the Gmod variations he published though, more notably the Hero Pack and a few others which is making certain screen-creation a bitch ATM. I’m not sure if they were taken down BECAUSE he’s banned or if he simply took them down in a fit of rage.

I don’t think a VAC can get any kind of submissions removed, perhaps he did it or they were removed for other reasons.