My first release, new “all-in-one” HUD
Originally made for XURAS community, but this grew a bit, so I’m now releasing this




SVN: http://droolhud.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

XURAS community

Winamp HUD needs Winamp and http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=35550 to work!

[ul]Sleek design :3:[/ul]
[ul]Adjustable colors[/ul]
[ul]Control panel[/ul]
[ul]12/24h clock[/ul]
[ul]UTime integration[/ul]
[ul]WinAmp HUD[/ul]
[ul]Health bars/numbers[/ul]
[ul]Ammo counter[/ul]
[ul]Target Entity Information[/ul]
[ul]Playermodel Viewer[/ul]
[ul]Toggleable Crosshair![/ul]
[ul]Ping/fps meter[/ul]
[ul]Player coordinates[/ul]

[ul]Everyone who suggested stuff[/ul]
[ul]Creator of the crosshair[/ul]
[ul]Creator of UTime[/ul]
[ul]Bad HAL 9000, for creating Winamp module[/ul]
[ul]Creators of pile of other scripts that I used as examples :v:[/ul]

Your images aren’t working and you could mention names instead of just saying “Creator of the crosshair” and such.

Nicely done with UTime integration though. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Never mind, your images are working now. What’s with the empty bar across the bottom middle? If it’s empty just drop it. Otherwise, looks nice, but a bit cluttered.

It think it looks too cluttered.

I don’t know the creator of crosshair, trying to find out

Forgot to show why the bottom bar is there, added new picture

Maybe round off the positions? I don’t need my current or model position to 4 decimal point precision, just whole numbers are close enough. The info you have in the middle bottom bar in the new picture is nice but maybe an option to completely disable that bar? Might fix the clutter a bit.

Added an option to remove bottom bar and rounded the decimals, also adding an option for top bar

Try to get a better graphics card?
On topic… It looks okay… but WinAmp sucks. :sigh:

Why does Winamp suck? i can’t live without it.

Just looks ugly to me, especially the ammunition part. Not badly coded, I just wouldn’t use it for its appearance.

It looks a little bulky to me when most of the somewhat useful options are enabled, so if you added the ability to scale the HUD to a value, or at least a half-size / quarter-size option, that’d be nice.

The hud is just fucking disgusting.

Yea I wouldn’t choose dark green for a HUD…

I completely agree.

Also, I was nice enough to try it, and it wasn’t even there! I installed it right, it’s just that… it wasn’t appearing at all.

So yeah, not the best HUD around…

If you read the features, you’d see the colors are changeable
Trying to make the hud scaleable but I’m stuck at resizing the text

Make an option to have it Half-Life 2 Style instead of customizable colors…

Wait, what’d I do?
(Not that I mind >.>)

this looks disgusting seriously iv’e done shits that are better looking

Well it doesn’t help that some penis bumped it. You can just ignore it now as I’m sure the creator doesn’t give two shits about it anymore.

Please, let this die, I don’t even want to remember this…

Its just so bland…