Drop-Down Menu To Pick Your Gamemode Will Not Work

I’m having a bit of a weird problem, when I try to pick a gamemode from the singleplayer or mulitplayer tab to create something, it will not allow me to click on it. It simply does nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

I have it too, I think it’s a global problem.

Oh teh noes. D:

I also have this too. I edited the gamemode so it gives me custom weapons at spawn. and it doesn’t work. It worked before. I think it’s getting the files from a GCF and the garrysmod folder at the same time, then cross-fucking with eachother, and when they fuck, they create a mutant Lua error that disables the sandbox dropdown menu.

Just type in the gamemode name, it’s broken currently.

What’s the gamemode command? is it just "gamemode yourgamemodehere?

The drop down menu is also a text entry, just type it in there

In console:

sv_defaultgamemode gamemodename (the name of the gamemode folder within gamemodes folder, ex. terrortown for TTT)

restart (restarts the server with the gamemode you just chose)

If its a rented bitch, use RCON.

I thought it was sv_gamemode and sv_gamemodeoverride
I think rimlanin is right, but if you are just playing singleplayer or creating a multiplayer from the main menu, I suggest just typing into the ‘drop down menu’

I keep crashing lol…
Must be something fuckin up my sandbox…