" Drop it ! " soap in Afghanistan

The russian guy’s face doesn’t fit at all. Posing and editing are both good.

better quality of picture. Cool

Russian turtle?

nice posing I guess.

When I saw the thread title I imagined something like in a prison.



Soap looks retarted IMO.

its because he looks like Mr. T in this picture.

I pity da foo who don’t know im sneaking up on them.

If I were that guy I would not drop my fucking gun! Soap doesn’t take prisoners, him and his guys either torture and kill the people they capture or just shoot them on the spot. Like the dead guy in the background too, he’s like "Where am I, am I dead or somethin? He’s like a turtle.

I anticipated a misleading thread title, but I guess not. I like soap’s posing.

really good, but the face posing is pretty bad

although you cant even facepose them :\