"Drop the bloody knife! Now drop it!"


Nice Work

nice DoF, posing could use work, although its good to see your improving!

Thank you so much!

oh and btw nice avatar!!! <3

Looking better. Keep practicing your posing, and work on finding some more intuitive camera angles.

I must admit, you are probably the fastest learner I’ve seen here. In one day you made some dramatic improvements. Keep up the good work.

Thanks mate!

Not sure why, but that terrorist looks kind of cuddly.

Yeah! :3

Only problem I have is with the CT on the right. His arm looks to straight, almost unnatural.

Yeah i have tried to fix it but the model has some errors : /

I actually kinda like this one.

Posing looks kinda stiff on the guy on the far right, but much better than your previous entries.

Posing on the 2 guys close to the camera is bad, but nice job.

Huge improvement i have to say(Did you put more effort that the previous times?).

Yes, DoF is good but where it is not blurry, the more posing is noticed.
Mainly the hostage, he seems a bit stale, it looks like he got a stick rammed through him limiting his movement.

Other than that A+, so A, really good.

Bad camera angle.

Look at the post date.

I saw the post date, just wanted to say that anyway :v:

title reminds me of “POOT DAT COOKIE DAWN! NAO!”

But this knife isn’t bloody yet.