Drop your weapon and slowly come to me.

Got a new monitor with 1600x1200 res :smug: so I decided to make a pose :byodood:

A few terrorist attacked an underground base/silo/whothefuckcaresitsabase and the security guys/soldiers/againwhocarestheyhaveguns attacked them, BUT! One got behind them hoopdoop.




I would like for someone to edit this :confused:

C&C on the idea, pose, and the camera angles.

good posing.

It’s alright in looks.

It’s nothing we’ve seen before though.

I’m assuming you mean that “It’s nothing we HAVEN’T seen before though”

Why was I given a box.

What’s that soldier model with goggles?

Rated art for good posing.

Link to the models for those who are too lazy to check the model’s thread


Nice. We still need the rigging on them fingers there.