Drop your weapons !


C&C appreciated.

you really need to do something - anything - about that shadow problem and start doing some scenebuilds, the lighting here is rather awful

Well, i would like to buy a new graphic card but I’m saving money for something else.
As for the scenebuild part, this screen is a scenebuild.
As for the lighting, it may sucks because of my own edit.
Here’s the original :


As you can see the men aren’t casting shadows which makes them look detached from the pic.

I know but ,well, I can’t do much about this.

Good shadow tutorial you should use.

I already tried it but it made everything looking worse :


Look at the dead soldier legs

no, i’m pretty sure it sucks because there’s no contrast between the light and shadows

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model error, not a lighting error

If you’re talking about the lighting on his crotch, then, I can tell you that it is not what I’m talking about.

Those little squares appears on all models I have enlighted with lamps.

oooh, that grain. yeh i can see it now, has happened to me too. never could figure out what the issue was, but it only happened sometimes and with certain models

It’s GM_Black with the sky/fog/sun editors placed. It’s a bug. If you can edit it the way you want and get rid of them, they will be gone.

Great pic