Dropbox FastDL

I know Dropbox doesn’t have a public folder anymore, but is there anyway to use it as a fastdl host? Thanks

No? What host are you with? Don’t they provide free FastDL?

What do you mean it doesn’t have a public folder? Mine still does.

Using it as a fastDL “works”, except that there is limit how much data can be downloaded from your DB account in a certain time frame, and you’ll reach that pretty fast if you use it as a FastDL, resulting in people not being able to download the files when they join the server.
So don’t use it as a fastDL

I only use about 10 MB in my fastdl folder. The rest is workshop. The data amount isn’t the problem.

It’s not even the bandwidth amount, having many people downloading the files at one time will get your account locked.

Just buy a cheap $3 VPS from somewhere or ask you host. They should provide FastDL unless they are a serious budget host.

Which kind of host does not provide FastDL these days? Are you hosting the server yourself?

Mosts hosts provide you with FastDL, so just submit a support ticket to them asking about it. If you get really stuck for it, contact me and I’ll host your FastDL for free.

Since all hosts provide a FastDL, it’s safe to assume OP is hosting the server from his own machine, so I don’t think we need more comments how he should contact his provider…

When I used Xenon to host they didn’t provide any option to do FastDL unless you paid for web hosting as well, so we just used workshop (which took forever)

Workshop is probably faster now due to the fact it downloads 3? addons at once now.

Yes, I am hosting from my machine just so me and my friends can play. I bought a webhost for a few dollars. Do I just put the website followed by the directory? Will it auto-download?

If it’s your own machine, use something like wampp or install apache on linux and use that as fastdl.

Use lighttpd.

If you want some help, add me on steam (click the icon under my name) and I’ll quickly help you out when I’m free tommorow.

I appreciate the offer but I got it working. Thanks again