DropDead 2



Some of you may remember my old gamemode “DropDead: A Zombie Survival [RPG]”, which was used by the SGN Community for a short-while.

Well about 2 weeks ago i got the urge to re-create it, but this time, better.
Which leads us to this.

DropDead 2 is set in the world shortly after the fictional events of 2012.[/release]

Features thus far:

  • MySQL Saving system.
  • Fully functional player armor system.
  • Vehicle system that allows up-to 4 passengers in some vehicle.
  • Faction system that allow factions to build relatively large bases which save to the map.
  • Character creation system with 5 different stat types to choose from which will affect your characters development.
  • A beautiful GUI which is a hybrid between BananaGUI and my own deadGUI.
  • Cinematic intro screen with smooth camera angles and flight paths panning across the map. – Thanks to NullPoint for help with the maths involved.
  • Strategic weapon system, just like the original DropDead, no more using weapons just because you can afford them.
  • Skill system, this affects everything from loot collection luck, hit powers and weapon jamming.
  • Radiation holes and other anomalies to collect rare items/equips and weapons from.
  • Developer attachment editor so you can align new equips with an in-game editor which outputs the equip code needed for the attach_handle.lua file.
  • Exp and level system, it also has the Killpoints system from the original DropDead.

Still to come:

  • Faction war and base raiding.
  • Monsters and NPC’s.
  • More Items.
  • More weapons.
  • Quests
  • SNPC Merchants.
  • Base defense items.
  • New weapon base.
  • Finish some GUI’s.

Are you copying Underdone?
No, the original DropDead already existed, this is just a better remake with more shit.

When will this be done?
When it’s done.


Cinematic intro with scrolling introduction:

Character creation:

Attachment Editor 1.0

Inventory: Note the empty gaps, it’s got alot more to go into it yet. Also that is just a test item for the inventory/equip system

Me fucking around with the armor system, i decided i wanted to wear a huge bottle

Me getting to close to a radiation whole trying to find some good loot.

Just bought my faction base =D


NOTE: Faction base model and custom textures and logos are done by [wizard’]

So yer, tell me what you think.

Looks pretty cool, vid of gameplay?

This looks like its going to be really fun. Oh and I noticed in the FAQ you mentioned UD, don’t worry about that stuff, you know what they say “competition is the mother of invention”. Its a win win situation for the players, either way they get great rpgs.

Oh, and I’m super jealous of your attachment editor XD

This is really going somewere, keep up the good work.

I’m looking forward to this gamemode.

Are you going to release this if not i’ll just play on the server and have fun i don’t know.

awesome, will be watching for this game mode (always been a fan of these rpg things)
attachment editor make me rly jealous too >.>

Anyways, looking forwards too this

Oh hey, looks like a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Gamemode but actually fun! Best of luck to you. :patriot:

This looks very promising, I always enjoy an RPG. You GUI is very similar to TacoScript2’s btw, just saying.

I like the faction bases, hope there is a few more different models. I’ll definitely play.

I’m sorry, but the spelling in your scrolling introduction is atrocious.

I took the liberty to fix it up for you. :v:

Keep what you want, take out what you want, throw it out entirely. I don’t care; it’s your mod. I just felt it’d be kind to offer my support where I can, and English is my strong suit here:

The GUI is subject to change. Im still working on a lag-free style he can impliment, untill then however most GUI you see is just to test functionality.

Unclear on the question but ill give you all the answers i can think of.
Averice are toying with the idea of having multiple faction base templates and it either randomly chooses one or you can pick the style but this may not happen. However the model we are using now is likley not to be final and is really to test the principle.

If you mean would there be more models in the game then you should be glad to know there is. The faction leaders will also be able to scatter barricades and such around his factions base. Faction bases can be destroyed by other players but safegaurds will be used to protect it while you are offline.

The scrolling thing was just a place holder, I haven’t recorded a new vid of it for about a week and a half.

Also nice work on the story, Mind if i use it? Credit will be given.

Your storyline sounds alot like the one I invented for something I was working on (completely coincidence, I didn’t make mine public). But you’ll probably do a better job than me anyhow, so good luck with this - it looks promising.

Exactly what i wanted to know, thanks. :slight_smile:

Go ahead. It’s kinda why I wrote it and showed it to you. :v:

Looking great Averice. Nice to see you back in the community!

Yea after 3 weeks i finally got an e-mail from the steam support and had to answer a heap of shit for them, then I decided to do something with 1 of my old gamemodes.

I want to wear a headcrab on my head.
Is this possible? :3

Looking good avericeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes it’s possible, but it won’t be in this gamemode.