Dropped Smoke

Well, here is some practice with photoshop. I think it looks pretty good for a beginner attempt, so I posted it.


Also there is something wrong. On filesmelt, when I upload a picture, it says Array, and I can’t just post it here because where the link should be it says undefined.

possibly the best edit i’ve ever seen

you have managed to transform a cigarette in to lipstick. surreal

The smoke is bad. I still see crappy, jagged marks on the cig, and the low-texture ground ruins most of it.

Can you tell me how to improve? I have graphics as high as they will go. I am sure I can prove the texture on the ground by changing. And do you have any idea how anyone around here can teach me to shop??

You’re jumping the gun on this. Either you work on posing first-off and then you can start to try and edit your images.

Pretty good for beginner I guess, but next time use a more hi res map because the ground looks horrible.
Also get better smoke brushes.

Why is there a cigarette in space?

Here are some decent cigarettes to work with http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EZB9BIDM

A good model is the first step towards a good picture…

nice map… witch map is that?

Construct is a NO-NO! Pose before you can edit.
And no watermarks, they are tacky and unnecessary. If people steal work here they are banned.

A close up of a low res texture + what looks like MS paint cherry on the smoke + bad smoke = wtf.

Seriously, read some tutorials on smoke such as this;